April 2024 Newsletter:

It’s Officially Spring!

We Asked The Hess Financial Team: What Does Spring Mean To You?

It is officially Spring! It is a season that often inspires us to embrace change and fresh opportunities. So, in the spirit of rejuvenation and new beginnings, let’s take a closer look at what Spring means to our Hess Financial Planning Team.

Headshot of Stephan Hess, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at Hess Financial

Stephan Hess


Marcus Aurelius said, “Focus on effort, not outcomes”. Whether we are celebrating another random good quarter of growth in our accounts or enjoying the beautiful flowers and green shoots of spring, I always like to pay some respect this time of year to the overlooked and underappreciated contributors who mostly deserve the credit for these outcomes. Literally and figuratively, it’s the hidden roots that have tirelessly been supplying the critical elements to what you are now enjoying. Water and nutrients are like discipline, consistency, and time. They are the true workhorses behind the scenes. Happy Spring Everyone!

Headshot of Kevin Flint, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at Hess Financial

Kevin Flint


Spring is graduation season and as a gift to all of us, the IRS is working on interesting changes to the tools we use to assist clients with planning for education expenses. These potential adjustments bring promising opportunities to sow seeds of support for our loved ones, extending beyond traditional higher education costs. While the final details are being ironed out, early indications suggest these changes will open doors to enhanced financial planning possibilities.

Headshot of Derek Hess, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at Hess Financial

Derek Hess


When Spring comes around, I have this extra motivation to tidy things up around the house, and in other parts of my life. It’s extremely rewarding to check off something that I’ve been meaning to do for months, and Springtime seems to give me that final nudge to get it done. I encourage people to apply this same “Spring Cleaning” energy to their personal finances. I know not everyone enjoys personal financial management like a financial planner does, but in the spirit of getting your house in order, this is a great time to get around to some of those back burner financial items too!

Headshot of Robyn Hill, JD and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at Hess Financial

Robyn Hill


As plants begin to bud, it serves as a reminder that the season of renewal and growth is upon us. Just as nature awakens from the darkness of winter, we too can bloom. If facing a daunting task, now is an opportunity to take that initial step towards change. Whether it’s budgeting, pursuing a long-term goal, or preparing for the next stage in your life, we can embrace the season and set realistic goals for progress. Specific, realistic, attainable goals are the key to setting actionable steps that can continue to motivate improvement. Remember, every seed planted, or step forward, holds the potential for a blooming transformation.

Headshot of Sara Kate Garman, Certified Public Accountant at Hess Financial

Sara Kate Garman


Beginning 2024 surrounded by family and friends, I think about one of my favorites, my family’s annual beach trip. Each summer my extended family, on both sides, caravan together down to North Carolina and spend a week together laughing, sharing memories, and connecting. It is the only time each year where most of my family is together in one place and one of the few times each year, I see certain family members who don’t live as close. Going into the New Year, with some snow flurries, I look forward to the warmth of that trip, both from the temperature and happiness, again this summer.

Client Update:

The Hess Financial Team would like to inform everyone that Elizabeth Kibler has accepted a new position within the non-profit sector, with a heavier focus in HR. Please join us in congratulating her in this new step in her career!